CPEs - SCKIPIO - The Leader in G.fast Ultrafast Broadband Modems
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As the innovator in Gfast, Sckipio not only innovates in DPUs, but in CPEs, too. Leveraging the only award-winning Gfast technology, Sckipio has brought performance innovations such 212a bonding, small form-factor pluggable (SFPs), remote firmware upgrading and reverse power feed. The Sckipio chipsets can be used in SFPs, standalone bridges and integrated gateways.

World’s Best Gfast Performance

Sckipio delivers the highest Gfast performance every achieved with single line performance of 2Gbps in each direction due to cDTA and bonded performance of 4Gbps using 14 bits per tone, 212Mhz technology.

Small Form-factor Pluggables (SFP)

Sckipio’s SFPs combines ultra high performance with ultra low power into a form-factor that eliminates clutter in the home. SFPs allow operators to roll out services faster and more efficiently by leveraging existing gateways and avoid waiting for new integrated gateways to be developed and certified. By using SFPs, gateways are always future-proof and ready for all the next generation ultrafast broadband technologies: Gfast, PON, and optical Ethernet. Also, using SFPs simplifies device management and reduces operational complexity and expense. Shipping SFPs to consumers is economical and easy for consumers to install.

Standalone Bridges

In order to quickly and easily bring innovations to the market, standalone bridges are the best way. With bridges, breakthrough new features such as 212a profile bonding and reverse power feeding can be deployed more quickly than with integrated gateways. Bridges offer the ability to always deliver the most advanced ultrafast broadband to the most customers.


Deploy the latest firmware more seamlessly by leveraging Sckipio’s remote firmware updating functionality. As a result, operators will lower OpEx and improve their overall consumer experience.


Sckipio is the innovation leader in Gfast. That’s why Sckipio is the only company that has received an award for its ultrafast broadband access technology. When you purchase Sckipio, you get all the latest innovations and a team 100% focused on continuous improvements in Gfast.

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