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It’s not very often that a company gets to change the world. But that’s what Sckipio is all about. The company is completely passionate about delivering ultra broadband access for the masses.


Founded in 2012, Sckipio is the first semiconductor company focused on the exciting new ITU standard, G.Fast. Headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel, Sckipio was founded by a veteran team of communications experts with deep experience in broadband access and home networking solutions. Sckipio’s 70-person Gfast team helped create many important communications standards including ADSL, VDSL, WiMax, LTE, WiFi, HomePNA, HomePlug, G.hn, Gfast and MoCA.


Backed by leading venture capitalists, Sckipio is the first company to deliver G.fast modems and the only company with award-winning Gfast technology. More than 20% of the Gfast standard came from Sckipio technical contributions.



The G.fast Experts

There is no other group of technologists in the industry where you will find greater expertise provided in a friendlier way. Sckipio works with you, not against you. Each team member is dedicated to providing you the best technical support, the smartest thinking with the least amount of hassles. Some companies talk about partnering, but you will find Sckipio is your best partner in the chip business.


David is a leading visionary in communication silicon. As the founder of CopperGate communications, David created a leading home networking company with over 25 million devices installed and serving over 70 service providers. Prior to CopperGate (now owned by Sigma Designs), David worked in broadband access with Orckit Communications.

David (Dudi) Baum

Chief Executive

Oren has over 20 years of business development experience in the communications field. He spent the last 11 years at CopperGate and Sigma Designs where he helped build CopperGate's infrastructure, created business and technology partnerships and lead strategic planning. Prior to CopperGate, Oren managed business development at Motorola Communications.

Oren Mansour

Chief Operating Officer

Rami is one of the leaders in ITU, ANSI, IEEE and ETSI standards solutions including xDSL, home networking, Ethernet over Coax and other networking standards. Previously, Rami was the CTO of the Home Connectivity Group at Sigma Designs and CopperGate. He also worked at Tracespan, ST Microelectronics, Tioga and Orckit.

Rami Verbin

Chief Technical Officer

Ron is an industry leader in system technology and SW development. He has over 25 years of experience in the developing real-time and communications systems and managed over 50 engineers at CopperGate. Prior to CopperGate, Ron managed teams at Breezecom (today Alvarion) and Comverse as well as working on many military and defense projects with leading defense contractors.

Ron Sterenson

Vice President, Research and Development

Michael is an award-winning marketer with a strong expertise in marketing to service providers. He was previously VP of Corporate Marketing for Sigma Designs and before that VP of Worldwide Marketing for CopperGate. In the telco space, he was the president of the HomePNA and a board member of the HomeGrid Forum. He has also run several start-ups including SYNQY, Sequoia Technologies, Timeless Cities, and Fresh Perspectives.

Michael Weissman

Vice President, Marketing

Mileend is a semiconductor industry veteran with 15 years creating and helping service providers deploy networking technologies. Prior to Sckipio, Mileend was a business development director for FiberZone, Sigma Designs and CopperGate Communications. Before that, he designed network processor chipsets for residential gateways at PMC Sierra and BRECIS Communications.

Mileend Gadkari

Vice President, North American Business Dev

Yaniv is a broadband access expert with nearly 20 years of experience. Prior to joining Sckipio, he led efforts at PMC-Sierra, SanDisk and Metalink.

Yaniv Lavi

VP Products and Marketing


The Smart Money that Invested in Sckipio

With over $1.6 billion under management and investments in over 180 companies, Pitango is Israel’s leading Venture Capital Fund. Pitango invests in seed, expansion and late stage companies in core technologies, consumer, and Life Sciences.

Gemini is a leading Israeli venture firm specializing in early and seed stage investments in technology companies in sectors that include mobile, digital media, enterprise software, online services and semiconductors. Gemini was the first venture capital fund that emerged from the Israeli government’s Yozma program in 1993.

Genesis Partners has one of the strongest track records in the Israeli venture capital industry. Their investment team is comprised of venture professionals with extensive experience in venture capital, technology, operational management, and entrepreneurship. Genesis Partners focuses on seed and early stage investments in the information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.

Amiti is a venture capital firm that co-invests with leading Israeli venture capital firms in Israeli tech companies. The firm was founded in 2010 and is based in Chicago. The Amiti team has decades of experience leading Operations, Sales & Marketing, and R&D organizations in Israeli Tech, with a proven ability to identify and provide hands-on Board level leadership in the most promising, up and coming Israeli Tech companies.

Established in 2001, Aviv Ventures invests in Israel related, revenue stage companies that bring breakthrough technologies to large established industries. Aviv has a preference for companies offering “Hi-Tech solutions for Low-Tech industries” such as security, clean-tech, automotive, printing, medical devices etc.

Intel Capital, Intel’s strategic investment and M&A organization, backs innovative technology startups and companies worldwide. Intel Capital invests in a broad range of hardware, software, and services companies targeting computing and smart devices, cloud, datacenter, security, the Internet of Things, wearable and robotic technologies and semiconductor manufacturing. Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested nearly US$11.6 billion in over 1,400 companies in 57 countries. In that timeframe, 213 portfolio companies have gone public on various exchanges around the world, and 373 were acquired or participated in a merger.




International Telecommunications Union

Sckipio is a proud member of the ITU and an active participant in the g.fast working group. With well over 20 years of ITU standards expertise inside the company, Sckipio is playing an important role in helping define this important new standard.

ITU is the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technology issues, and the global focal point for governments and the private sector in developing networks and services. For 145 years, ITU has coordinated the shared global use of the radio spectrum, promoted international cooperation in assigning satellite orbits, worked to improve telecommunication infrastructure in the developing world, established the worldwide standards that foster seamless interconnection of a vast range of communications systems and addressed the global challenges of our times, such as mitigating the impact of natural disasters and climate change and strengthening cybersecurity.


Broadband Forum

The Broadband Forum is the central organization driving broadband wireline solutions and empowering converged packet networks worldwide to better meet the needs of vendors, service providers and their customers. The organization  develops multi-service broadband packet networking specifications addressing interoperability, architecture and management. It’s work enables home, business and converged broadband services; encompassing customer, access and backbone networks. Sckipio is a proud member of the Broadband Forum and works with the organization to actively develop and promote the g.fast standard.


Celtic Plus

Celtic-Plus is an industry-driven European research initiative to define, perform and finance through public and private funding common research projects in the area of telecommunications, new media, future Internet, and applications & services focusing on a new “Smart Connected World” paradigm. Celtic-Plus is a EUREKA ICT cluster and is part of the inter-governmental EUREKA network. Celtic is actively involved in promoting the G.fast initiative within European service providers. It’s members include a who’s who within the telco community such as Orange (France Telecom), BT (British Telecom), Telefonica, and Adtran.

Our office


10 Ahaliav Street, Ramat Gan 5252263 Israel

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