ZyXEL Partners with Sckipio on G.fast
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ZyXEL Brings G.fast to Gigabit Cities

New Sckipio-based Solution Extends Fiber into Apartment Complexes


London Broadband World Forum 2015 – Sckipio announced today that ZyXEL, a world-class broadband networking solutions vendor to telecommunication service providers, is developing a 16-port G.fast Distribution Point Unit (DPU) and a single-port G.fast bridge based on Sckipio’s chipset at the Broadband World Forum in London, England.


“G.fast is the most affordable way for operators of all sizes to quickly get to gigabit services,” said Kevin Su, Senior Director of CPE BC in ZyXEL. “With ZyXEL’s new 16-port G.fast solution, service providers will be able to quickly and affordably add gigabit services to MDU environments.”


The hot trend now is to create gigabit cities where every consumer can achieve up to 1Gbps of broadband access. The challenge for most operators is the last mile of bringing fiber all the way to and into the home. As fiber is moved closer to the residence, G.fast is used to deliver ultrafast broadband over the last few hundred meters. This is particularly useful in multi-dwelling units (MDUs) where the cost and right of way access to bring fiber to each resident is problematic.


“ZyXEL will bring world-class G.fast technology into many important densely populated markets across Asia, Eastern Europe, and North America,” said David Baum, co-founder and CEO of Sckipio Technologies. “It’s a win, win, win, win. Sckipio wins by working with a partner with strong global reach. ZyXEL wins by leveraging Sckipio’s highly acclaimed G.fast technology. The operators win by delivering the lowest cost per megabit delivered in the fastest time and with the lowest capital outlay, and consumers win with a lower cost, higher performing Internet without the hassles of in-home installers and long deployment delays.”


The ZyXEL offers a 16-port G.fast DPU and a single port G.fast to Ethernet bridge that can be used with any existing residential gateway to quickly upgrade existing customers to G.fast. These devices will be available for customer engagement in Q2 of 2016.