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Sckipio’s Helps Celtic Plus Go Farther

Celtic Plus Starts GOLD project with Sckipio's help

Sckipio’s Helps Celtic Plus Go Farther

Based upon Sckipio-supplied technology, Celtic-Plus, an industry-driven European research initiative, announced the recently completed HFCC/ project demonstrated throughput of nearly 1Gbps per copper pair at 100 meters, and up to 170Mbps per copper pair at 480 meters, on a 16 pair standard cable. This is the farthest has ever

The Celtic-Plus group also opened a new project called GOLD (gigabits over legacy drops). The main goals of GOLD is to evaluate the use of as a backhaul technology and to initiate a second generation to support even faster speeds.


The first big idea of GOLD is to see how the existing version of can be applied to mobile (5G) backhaul and even to fixed line backhaul. has support for mobile time synchronization with IEEE 1588. In addition, through the application of bonding, it may be possible for to support multiple gigabits per second of backhaul in places where fiber optics are challenging to deploy – for example in old, historic cities.

High Speed is a high performing technology today. For most subscribers, the existing variant of will be sufficient for at least a decade or more. Yet, some subscribers may wish to have even higher speeds. This may become more critical as DOCSIS 3.1 becomes prevalent over the next 3-5 years. One approach will be to bond existing to achieve speeds in excess of 1Gbps. Another approach will be to increase the bandwidth of from 2-106Mhz up to 2-212Mhz. The purpose of the GOLD initiative is to explore some of the technical challenges and recommendations in achieving this higher frequency.

As a member of Celtic Plus, Sckipio intends to be a major contributor to the research and development of both applications.