Sckipio Pushes to 2Gbps over Twisted Pair
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Sckipio Pushes to 2Gbps over Twisted Pair

Helps Telcos Respond to DOCSIS 3.1 and FTTH


London — Broadband World Forum, October 20, 2015Sckipio Technologies, the leader in, today announced it can deliver up to 2Gbps of throughput over twisted pair copper wiring with Sckipio uses standard-compliant silicon by bonding two copper pairs to a single CPE. Combined with Sckipio’s superior performance at long distances, Sckipio’s bonding also achieves over 1Gbps in aggregate throughput across a distance of 300 meters – the fastest in the world at that distance. This solution helps telcos compete very effectively against both cable operators using DOCSIS 3.1 and against companies who have implemented fiber to the home.


“Bonding is an important requirement, especially with North American operators,” said David Baum, co-founder and CEO of Sckipio Technologies. “Service providers need the ability to deliver fiber-like speeds to address regulatory and competitive challenges. Even better, Sckipio allows the service provider to provision such performance only where necessary – keeping overall CapEx and OpEx costs low when gigabit speeds are not required.”


The bonding solution is based upon ITU-T G.998.2 and was completed in partnership with Calix, the largest supplier focused solely on access and broadband communications; and semiconductor vendor, 5VTechnologies.


A demonstration of the Sckipio, Calix and 5VTechnologies bonding solution will be presented at Broadband World Forum, October 20-22,, 2015 in three BBWF booths: Calix (E40), Sckipio (D80) and Gemtek (A22).