Sckipio Partner Calix Showcases
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Sckipio is partnering with Calix to deliver world-class solutions

Sckipio Partner Calix Showcases

The concept of is very compelling. Now, vendors need to move from product concept into real-world, complete solutions. Today, we are showcasing Sckipio’s partner, Calix who announced this summer and recently shot a video from within its Santa Barbara development facility. In an interview between Geoff Burke and Bill Bittancourt of Calix, the company presents its self-contained demonstration system based upon Sckipio’s SCK3001 and SCK1001 chipsets.

This includes a full end-to-end demonstration from CPE devices all the way to head-end services such as authentication, voice and video. 

The demonstration includes 16 modems connected to a 16-port 870F MDU unit designed to deliver ultrafast broadband to subscribers in MDU or residential housing units. In the demonstration, the MDU unit is connected to authentication services, 802.1x RADIUS services and the voice and video networks.

In addition, the company showcased a complete home setup of customer premises equipment (CPEs). They simulated two different subscribers demonstrating voice, data and video services. The demo included a Calix 801F Sckipio-based modem connected to the Calix 844E wireless GigaCenter. Over the modem, they demonstrated voice and video services (live, linear and multicast videos).

Already, Calix is showcasing IPv6, bootstrapping and auto-discovery, Ethernet OAM features, Real-time performance monitoring, Radius Authentication, Realtime service upgrades, Troubleshooting with video channel analyzer and packet capture, service provisioning using a persistent management agent (PMA) and PMA pre-provisioning. These are many of the features needed to move from concept to reality.

Sckipio is excited to partner with Calix and move quickly into full deployment.