G.fast Leader Sckipio Named Hot Tech Innovator
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ABI Research Names Sckipio among Top Technology Innovators Set to Disrupt Tech Markets


March 16, 2015, Ramat Gan, Israel − Sckipio Technologies, the leader in G.fast, announced that ABI Research has chosen it as one of the most innovative companies operating in today’s global markets.


In its new white paper, ABI recognized Sckipio as one of 118 small, nimble innovative start-ups that can completely change the “marketecture” in a matter of a few short years. ABI praised Sckipio for its timely announcement of G.fast chipsets, particularly when broadband operators are seeking solutions to meet ever-growing bandwidth demand while making sure the network upgrades are commercially feasible. “If you are working for a company sitting comfortably in the bird seat of any tech market, these are the companies you need to have on your radar, said Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer, ABI Research. “The companies featured in this whitepaper represent not only the most forceful potential disruptors for tech markets but also the hottest acquisition targets around. They all share a common DNA: they are young, they are aggressive, they are nimble, their technology solution fills a needs-gap, and they are on the cusp of imminent breakout,”


ABI also said that although it is a startup, Sckipio has a good chance of securing market share in the G.fast market.