NScreen Media Sees Sckipio Solving UHD Bandwidth Problem
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NScreen Media Sees Sckipio Solving UltraHD TV Bandwidth Problem


NScreen Media Sees Sckipio Solving UltraHD TV Bandwidth Problem

Colin Dixon is one of the most insightful analysts tracking the TV business. He has created a well-written and clear overview of the problem of distributing UHD signal to consumers and how G.fast can play an significant role in solving the UltraHD television bottleneck. Here’s Colin’s conclusion on why it matters:

Why it matters

Many mainstream content providers are looking to deliver Ultra HD video to consumers over broadband connections in 2015.

Unfortunately, few people have sufficient bandwidth to stream Ultra HD.

New approaches to video processing from Faroudja Enterprises and telco broadband from Sckipio promise to boost the number of people able to receive 4K video over broadband.

We agree. UltraHD TV (4K) is going to be big for 2015 and growth in the sector will be limited by the inability for high resolution content to be streamed through existing broadband suppliers. Most consumers will complain their carrier is unwilling to deliver such content. This isn’t the real issue. The technology is the real culprit and Colin clearly understands how G.fast can overcome the limitations that VDSL and FTTH impose upon telcos.