Interview with David Baum, CEO Sckipio - SCKIPIO - The Leader in Ultrafast Broadband Modems
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Interview with David Baum, CEO Sckipio

Interview with David Baum, CEO Sckipio

Interview of David Baum by Eitan Bek of Pitango


David Baum, CEO of Sckipio sat down recently with Eitan Bek, General Partner at Pitango Venture Capital to talk about the recent $17 million infusion of capital into Sckipio. Here’s what David said to Eitan:

Eitan Bek: Now that you have the investment, what are you going to do with the money?

David Baum: Well, that’s really a lot of money for us. As you know, with much less than that, we already built a real chipset that is now being sold. But we have many plans and we see that the market is huge. There are a lot of applications that will be using and the first thing that I want to make sure is to help my customers.   To make sure that all the companies building products based upon our chip will be successful, so we are increasing our investment in supporting them, in our support team and R&D team to make sure they get everything that they need in order to build products. And the second thing is we are helping the telcos to deploy in their territory. So, since it is a new technology, everyone wants to learn how to do it efficiently and we are going to go and help them in the field, in their labs, making sure the product will be 100% a fit to their needs.
Eitan Bek: What are you most proud of as CEO of Sckipio?

David Baum: The first thing that I am really proud of is that all my team from the previous ventures joined me and I see all those people that worked with me for over 20 years working together again on a really exciting and new project, a new standard, a new product and together believe we can really make a change in the world, in the access world. And seeing how we managed to build a product in less than 2 years and bring it to the market and see initial testing and initial field trials is quite an amazing experience. Especially, when two years ago, three years ago, was just a dream and no one actually believed this can be done is such a short time. Now, we can see that even in 2015 we are going to see deployments with the technology.

Eitan Bek: What kind of impact with have on the world?

David Baum: Well, the impact, I think, is going to be quite huge – it’s mainly on the time to market. Which means all the telcos that couldn’t afford high-speed Internet deployment using fiber to the home will now be able to go after their customers and support them with one-gigabit broadband access in the near future. It means they will be able to provide a much better solution to this market with a much lower cost and a much shorter time. And, I think this will create… it will open up an opportunity for the telcos and will open up the market for competition because right now, we could see only one solution maybe coming from other companies and not the telcos themselves.

Eitan Bek: How will consumers benefit from and Sckipio?

David Baum: Yeah, I think that this will help the market. It will open up the market and will provide another alternative for the consumers. Until now, the cable companies managed to lead the way with their DOCSIS 3.0 and with their future DOCSIS 3.1 that will allow them to provide one-gigabit per second to the home without running the fiber and this will be much more available and cheap versus fiber to the home. The telcos were suffering from a lack of technologies until now to do the same thing and now with, they will have the ability to provide one-gigabit to the home in a very short time using the existing copper and, of course, the consumer will enjoy another option which will reduce pricing and allow them to run a lot of new applications that they couldn’t run in the past