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Hey Facebook – Bring it on!

Facebook Live is launching an aggressive ad campaign this week to increase its user base for this data-rich, bandwidth stretching media. On it’s About Live page, Facebook states, “People love watching video, which is why we’ve built a dedicated place to watch this engaging content on Facebook.” With the onslaught of video on the rise, upstream bandwidth capacity will be limited.   We say bring it on!

Facebook Live tests current government bandwidth recommendations of 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. While viewing Facebook Live videos shouldn’t be a major issue for average users, uploading content-rich, 4K video is another issue.   A quality 4K video tends to use at least 15 Mbps. So in order to create a steady 4K stream of content, the upload speeds need to double to 30 Mbps.   Who can deliver 30 Mbps of upload speed? Currently, not many cable or phone companies boast this speed.

But don’t abandon your Facebook Live feed just yet. Last week at Broadband World Forum, we announced our Dynamic Time Assignment (DTA) G.fast technology solution which will allow broadband subscribers to gain access to the highest possible upstream and downstream capabilities that G.fast has to offer.   So what can G.fast with DTA really offer in terms of speed? Enough to simultaneously stream 50 4K high-quality videos.   DTA was just ratified by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) last month and could be commercially deployed as early as 2017.   This year alone, CenturyLink, Windstream and Bezeq announced commercial G.fast deployments.

So bring on live 4K video streaming, Facebook, Periscope and Youtube. G.fast solutions have the consumer covered.