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G.fast: A Powerful Weapon for Telcos


G.fast: A Powerful Weapon for Telcos

Carl Weinschenk wrote a very thoughtful piece on G.fast and the role it plays for telcos. You can find the entire article here. He said a few things we’d like to point out:

Approval of G.fast digital subscriber line (DSL) technology is an early Christmas present for the telephone industry. It potentially offers tremendous advantages for these companies, which are facing ever-tougher competition from cable MSOs, Google Fiber – and other independent providers – and wireless operators…The bottom line is that the telephone industry has a lot riding on G.fast – and that the future will start taking shape with next year’s field trials.

We agree. The competitive pressures facing telcos today are enormous and their interest in G.fast is similarly large. 2015 will be an important year for telcos as they not only transition from VDSL to G.fast, but also transition to open environments such as SDN and OpenFlow.