Sckipio's Next Generation Gfast Fiber to the Cabinet Solution
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Sckipio provides the best fiber to the cabinet Gfast



Improvements in performance have offered the possibility to use Gfast in FTTC deployments.   The benefits of using Gfast in cabinets are obvious. With existing cabinets, construction costs are reduced and deployment can be accelerated passing homes can be done in one location. At distances of 300 meters, somewhere between 200-300Mbps of real-world throughput is possible for the furthest subscribers. By using the 212a profile and bonding, cabinet customers can achieve 500Mbps or even higher.


The basic architecture is to use a large port-count DPU at the cabinet that connects to local power in the cabinet. At these distances, reverse power isn’t practical and power is readily available. The system needs great performance for the furthest subscribers as well as the closest.



The Sckipio 23000 chipset family supports the highest port density using on-chip, internal vectoring. The solution can support up to 96 ports using the 212a profile. This will deliver the highest possible performance to the largest number of subscribers. The port density also allows for bonding.


In addition, as much as 40% of subscribers connected to cabinets are usually within a range that can benefit from operating within the 212a band plan – delivering more performance to more consumers.


Only Sckipio supports cross-DPU vectoring,  providing the ability to connect additional DPUs together to increase port counts over time. This eliminates the high initial cost of deploying a chassis, power, CPU, and vectoring card. Sckipio’s breakthrough architecture enables operators to improve their CapEx by adding more ports only after the first DPU is fully populated.


The Sckipio solution uses technical advancements to reduce the noise margin and achieve increased performance on long reach.