Deutsche Telekom CEO Has It Right
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Deutsche Telekom CEO Has It Right

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Deutsche Telekom CEO Has It Right

There’s a reason Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hoettges received the CEO of the Year award at the World Communication Awards. In addition to his visionary leadership, he understands what many regulators do not – using existing copper resources to deliver gigabit broadband to Germany’s population is a viable ultra high-speed alternative to fiber.


In a recent interview with Total Telecom, Mr. Hoettges explains why Deutsche Telekom is using technologies like vectoring and to extend the capabilities of its copper access network. Ultimately while regulators may rail against copper assets, Mr. Hoettges said it’s all about the customers and the consumers care about broadband access, not the technology used to deliver it. “The telecom regulators made a big mistake,” when it comes to their approach to regulating consumer services, Hoettges said. They should categorize things like broadband services as a consumer product, rather than as an access product, he suggested.

Hoettges believes the future of fixed-line networks “is going to be hybrid,” that is, a combination of fiber and copper extension technologies.

Regulators need to get up to speed on the true potential of existing copper and not get caught in the politics around unbundling. In the end, consumers deserve high-speed bandwidth that is affordable and easily accessible. Copper offers this alternative and regulators need to keep an open mind when considering its future potential.