David Baum Keynotes at Gigabit Copper Conference - SCKIPIO - The Leader in G.fast Ultrafast Broadband Modems
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David Baum Keynotes at Gigabit Copper Conference

David Baum, co-founder and CEO of Sckipio, presenting at Gigabit Copper

David Baum Keynotes at Gigabit Copper Conference

On March 25, Sckipio co-founder and CEO, David Baum was the keynote speaker at the Total Telecom Gigabit Copper conference in Munich, Germany.

Gigabit Copper Conference

Due to the high demand for G.fast and gigabit speeds over existing copper infrastructure, Total Telecom created the Gigabit Copper Conference. This event brought some of the leaders in G.fast and broadband access to Germany including Trevor Linney from British Telecom, David Baum from Sckipio, Robin Mersh from the Broadband Forum.


David Baum provided seven secrets Sckipio has learned about deploying G.fast. The are:

  1. Model the business
  2. Focus on power
  3. Understanding vectoring
  4. Understand the transition from VDSL to G.fast
  5. Find the sweet spot
  6. Stay dynamic
  7. Challenge your assumptions

Check out his presentation

David Baum is a leading visionary in communication silicon. As the co-founder and CEO of Sckipio, the leader in G.fast technology, David is the reigning expert on G.fast. Prior to Sckipio, David was the co-founder of CopperGate communications, a leading home networking company with over 25 million devices installed and serving over 70 service providers. Prior to CopperGate (now owned by Sigma Designs), David worked in broadband access with Orckit Communications.