David Baum Discusses How G.fast is Driving the User Experience - SCKIPIO - The Leader in G.fast Ultrafast Broadband Modems
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David Baum Discusses How G.fast is Driving the User Experience

Sckipio CEO David Baum, the leading authority on G.fast, spoke at Gigabit Copper 2016 to a packed audience about how G.fast is improving the user experience with better performance, robustness and flexibility. As the G.fast market continues to mature, Mr. Baum discussed a number of innovations such as 32 port vectoring, 1G real-world throughput over copper and a bright future for bonded G.fast solutions. Mr. Baum noted 5G over copper with bonding looks promising and G.fast recovery times will positively impact the consumer’s experience. He discussed the reasons why G.fast outperforms any xDSL in terms of robustness and user experience and how G.fast’s flexibility provides service providers with future-proof technology to deliver superior user experiences. To learn more about G.fast’s promising future, click on the content below.