Simpler Networks and Sckipio Cut Provisioning Costs
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Sckipio and Simpler Networks Cut Provisioning Costs in Half

Sckipio 32-Port DPU Coupled with Simpler Networks 100-Port ADF Enables Zero Touch Provisioning for larger MDUs


London Broadband World Forum, October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015 – Sckipio Technologies, the leader in modems, announced that it has partnered with Simpler Networks, the leader in automation of copper distribution frames to deliver the highest port provisioning density on the market. By combining Sckipio’s high-density 32-port Distribution Point Unit (DPU) with Simpler Network’s EZ-Edge 100-port Automated Distribution Frame, telcos can pre-wire an entire 100-resident apartment building at half the cost. is the exciting new broadband access technology, enabling ultrafast broadband access over existing copper wires. The new Sckipio 32-port DPU offers the highest port density with internal distributed vectoring on the market today. Announced and demonstrated at the Broadband World Forum in London, Sckipio’s solution can reach up to 1Gbps per subscriber with a single pair and as far as 500 meters running up to 400Mbps with standards-compliant chipsets that are bonded into two pairs.


Typical broadband take rates run around 20-30 percent. This means that a 100-unit building can be completely covered by a single 24 or 32-port DPU when combined with a Simpler Networks EZ-Edge Automated Distribution Frame (ADF).


Simpler Networks’ EZ-Edge is a cost effective ADF that utilizes state of the art latching relay technology that supports traffic. Service providers simply pre-wire all the apartments in the MDU to a Simpler Networks ADF, which connects active ports to any Sckipio-enabled DPU. Since both devices can be remotely controlled, the combined DPU/ADF solution can eliminate truck rolls — reducing operators’ OPEX and CAPEX by over 50%.


“It’s a no-brainer, “ said Mike Perrault, President and CEO of Simpler Networks. “Together, our solution cuts deployment costs in half and allows for complete flexibility in terms of the type of DPU that gets installed. Port counts on both sides of the system can be optimized to conform to each operator’s unique environment.”


“The combination of Sckipio’s highly acclaimed technology with Simpler Networks’ flexible ADF solution provides a highly compelling offering for service providers,” said Sckipio co-founder and CEO, David Baum. “Now, telcos get high DPU utilization rates, lower capital outlays and lower operating costs.”


As the equipment nodes get closer to the consumer, many smaller distribution points need to be managed. This is where zero-touch provisioning provides savings for the operator with better quality of service and customer retention.


In addition to the support of copper wires, the overall solution is also applicable in coax-based environments. Any MDU that has “home runs” of coax to the basement can use the Sckipio solutions and Simpler Networks ADF to provision affordably in cable-oriented markets. In this scenario Baluns are needed to convert coax into twisted pair, and this opens up a whole new segment of potential partners and providers. ###